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Mike England has been a Mix 30 distributor since 2004. He supplies the product to farms and farm supply stores throughout Kentucky and Tennessee. “Mix 30 is a high energy liquid feed that combines corn and soy based ingredients into a palatable, consistent, and nutrient-rich product which offers a wide range of benefits in all segments of the cattle industry. It is so versatile it can be fed to all ruminants including sheep, goats, and bison. At certain times of the year, forages have nutrient imbalance or are lacking in protein and energy. Correcting this imbalance is critical to the health and well-being of the animal. Mix 30 is an ideal supplement that can be mixed with grains or simply left in open containers for cattle to drink from.

Farmers will find the product economical, and of a high quality and consistency. “ Mix 30 is manufactured by Agridyne in Springfield, Illinois and shipped to Horse Cave by train. The product is then stored in the 100,000 gallon storage terminal on Bluegrass Avenue and from there trucked to other locations. Local farmers can purchase the product directly from England Farms or through Southern States Cooperative in Horse Cave. For more information about Mix 30, contact England Farms at (270) 524-2008.


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Mike England