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Chamber Presents: 2021 Teachers of the Year Awards

Posted on August 19, 2021

Normally presented the last day of school in a gym full of students and educators, this year’s presentation took place at the Hart County Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting held on June 24 at the Hart County Fairgrounds in Munfordville. This change is just one of many brought about by COVID-19. The past year and a half have certainly been like no other for educators everywhere. With almost no notice, they were suddenly forced to teach and stay connected to their students in brand new ways. This year’s recipients are two out of many local educators who successfully responded to this challenge.

Megan Thompson who teaches 6th grade at Cub Run Elementary was chosen as the Teacher of the Year for Hart County Schools. Parents and colleagues described her as “always going above and beyond for her class.” As one parent stated, “Megan’s love for her students is like I’ve never seen before. She didn’t let all the COVID craziness get in her way. She continued to make learning fun for all of her students and kept parents involved. She did everything she could to ensure her students continued to get the best education possible during this difficult time.” Megan’s colleagues agree she is an amazing teacher. “Megan is unreal!” one said about the way she is able to connect to her students. They noted how Megan works well with all stakeholders and volunteers for all student activities. They explained that she is a goal-setter, always energetic and fair to all. Her colleagues also commented about the many hands-on learning activities she provides to make learning fun. And of course, they noted that Megan is also a winning academic coach, and that she provides opportunities for students to compete in all academic areas. Megan has taught for seven years.

If you should look up the traits of an effective teacher, the list most likely would include that he or she is a strong communicator, listens well, is adaptable, engaging, shows empathy, has patience, and values real world learning. Students of Jessica Nunn, English & Language Arts teacher at Caverna High School, say she has all of these traits and more. They explained how she is a blessing in their lives and makes their classroom a safe place where they feel loved and welcomed. Her colleagues say, “Jessica is an exceptional teacher with a deep passion for students and education.” She strives to engage her students with enthusiasm and excitement. They noted that Jessica is a teacher leader at the high school and is always willing to share ideas and teaching strategies with them. Her colleagues explained that “Jessica works hard to ensure she is providing high quality teaching and learning and sets a high bar for student achievement while putting supports in place to ensure student success. ”Jessica just finished her second year of teaching in the Caverna Independent School District. Thanks to the Chamber’s President Club partners both teachers also received $150 to use for school or personal use.


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