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Hart County is served by a county judge/executive and five magistrates each serving four-year terms. The county has three incorporated cities: Munfordville (county seat), Horse Cave, and Bonnieville. Hart County is included in Senate District 5, and in House District 21, and in Kentucky’s Second Congressional District.

City of Bonnieville: 270-531-3212

City of Horse Cave: 270-786-2680

City of Munfordville: 270-524-5701

Circuit Court Judges Chamber: 270-524-5135 / 270-524-5136

Community Action of Southern KY: 270-524-0224

County Attorney: 270-524-2547

Department for Social Services: 270-524-7111

Department for Employment Services: 270-524-0321

District Court: 270-524-2591

Hart County Adult Education: 270-524-1267

Hart County Ambulance Service: 270-524-7272

Hart County Building Inspector: 270-524-1782

Hart County Circuit Clerk: 270-524-5181

Hart County Conservation District: 270-524-5631

Hart County Court Clerk: 270-524-2751

Hart County Disaster & Emergency Services (office): 270-524-2832

Hart County Farm Services: 270-524-5631

Hart County Health Department: 270-524-2511

Hart County Jail: 270-524-2571 / 270-524-3101

Hart County Judge Executive: 270-524-5219

Hart County Literacy Program: 270-524-1267

Hart County Migrant Education Center: 270-524-2709

Hart County Occupational License Administrator: 270-524-3507

Hart Co. Property Valuation Administrators: 270-524-2321

Hart County Public Library: 270-524-1953

Hart County Rescue Squad: 270-524-5343

Hart County Road Dept.: 270-524-5095

Hart County Sheriff: 270-524-2341

Hart County Solid Waste: 270-524-3323

Horse Cave/Hart County Tourist Commission: 270-218-0386

Hart County Treasurer: 270-524-9474

Lifeskills Counseling Center: 270-524-9883

Munfordville Tourism Commission: 270-524-4752

UK Cooperative Extension Office: 270-524-2451

Salvation Army: 270-528-7707